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TPInventory™ provides a complete inventory reconciliation package that allows terminals to manage Product, Tank and Supplier's co-mingled inventory. Coupled with AC2's TPReports™ module, keeping supplier updated with inventory information has never been easier.

The system works with either manually entered or automatic gauges to determine the tank's physical inventory as configured in the TP6000 tank strapping tables which can be interpolated between and unlimited number of control points, or imported from external digital media.


  • Complete Inventory Reconciliation System with Flexible Reporting

  • Supports Automatic and Manual Tank Gauges

  • Interface to Most Industry Standard Gauges as well as OPC, Modbus, and ASCII Interfaces

  • Configurable Gain/Loss Calculations

  • BS&W, Floating Roof and Shell Level Corrections

  • Configurable Alarm Level Parameters

  • Product and Water Strapping Charts

  • Pump Stagging Options

  • Asphalt and Shell Products Handling

  • Configurable Opening Inventories Based on Book or Physical for Both Tank and Supplier


Inventory Transactions

  • Receipts

    Receipts for tank and supplier, as well as transportation mode, inbound carrier designation, and ticket reference.

  • Tank Transfers

    From tank to tank and/or supplier to supplier

  • Gain/Loss Values

    How gain/loss values are calculated is configurable and can be based on receipt or deliveries volume, but can also be applied manually at the end of the month. Running gain/loss tank totals are available for all inventory reports.

  • Opening Inventory

    Used for establishing new and corrected inventory volumes for tank/supplier, TPInventory also allows for configurable opening inventories for Daily and Monthly reconciliartion to match your specific business needs.

  • Manual Disbursements

    For any un-automated terminal outbound transactions

  • Adjustments

    For manual corrections or adjustments to inventory