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AC2 Value Statement

Based on our experience in providing Terminal Automation Systems, we assist our customers by implementing the industry's best practices, matching business processes with our customer's business goals.


AC2, Inc.



Management, Visualization, and Reporting Software for Bulk Distribution Terminals


Since 1994, AC2’s unique network-centric system for bulk petroleum terminal automation provides the management, visualization and reporting essential for successful operation at many leading wholesaler, marketing and thruputting terminal companies. AC2’s TP6000 Plus system is evergreen, robust and proven.

Loading and unloading controls, access security, host accounting interfaces and inventory management modules provide the core functionality of the terminal management system.

Developed using Microsoft® development tools and technologies such as .Net and powered by the SQL Server database, our solutions provide the reliability and software standards that customer have come to expect in today's demanding market.

TP6000 Plus’ industry leading HMI, provides a user-friendly environment that allows users to quickly get the information they need from real-time data information and collection to historical analysis and user-defined reports.

Terminal operators, traders and marketers, maintenance technicians, customers and shippers all receive the information they need, when they need it, allowing them to manage costs and react more assuredly to economic opportunities.