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TPVisionTM is the latest product from AC2 in the terminal management software line. Featuring updated Windows compatibility and a new sleek look, TPVisionTM will provide the same quality information, but at a more efficient rate.


  • Business Process Automation

  • Manage Bulk Liquid Product Movements

  • Loading and Unloading Controls

  • Allocation and Order Management

  • Host Integration with "Paperless" Rack Orders

  • Inventory Management with Reconciliation

  • Product Quality Monitoring

  • Supervisory Decision Support Data Views

  • Extensive Plant Instrumentation Integration

  • On-Screen Embedded SAP Crystal Reports

  • Report and Alarm Distribution Via E-Mail/Text Alerts


Performance Benefits:


TPVisionTM can secure entry into your facility and authorize and record product movements based on your business criteria and industry best practices. TPVisionTM automates the process work flow using best practice validations for your business.

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TPVisionTM’s extensibility makes it perfect to use for any size facility. TPVisionTM is flexible in that it can provide loading authorization via: 1) an automated work flow with field mounted data stations, 2) a manual workflow where you manually enter the custody transactions or 3) any combination that your facility requires. TPVisionTM will always create the audit trail and the transaction report documents. TPVisionTM provides a collaborative business environment with its information distribution among operators, customers and Corporate Host EDI exchanges.

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Innovative, modern, and contemporary, TPVisionTM changes the way that users manage, view and organize the information required to operate a bulk liquid business. TPVisionTM uses a cross browser, cross platform feature rich web presentation and works with Mac Windows and Linux user workstations.

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TPVisionTM provides easy to use database screens that provide you with just the right amount of verification and validation your business needs to manage the logistics of moving product in your facility. TPVisionTM screens are set up in easy to use data grids forms similar to familiar Microsoft Excel.

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TPVisionTM provides a supervisory automation platform at the plant and provides several decision support graphical views for operators. These graphical views provide real-time information based on the integrated instrumentation. A partial list of some supervisory views include Rack Activity, Ground and Overfill Status, Tank Levels, Pump Status, Gate Activity, Instrument Health and Active Alarms.

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TPVisionTM can monitor product quality on inbound and outbound transactions for pre-defined tolerance criteria. Additive and Blend tolerances are examples of the type of criteria monitored. If a blend percentage or additive rate tolerance is exceeded then the transaction is placed into an exception status and flagged for operator intervention.

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TPVisionTM allows for multiple product shippers to schedule, load and ship “paperless” product orders using industry standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Once the local product transaction is completed the BOL is delivered back to the Host completing the closed loop process.

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The inventory system of TPVisionTM tracks product receipts, product disbursements and other product movements affecting inventory by both tank and supplier. Daily and monthly tank and supplier reconciliation reports make it easy to track product inventory. Inventory gains and losses can be managed and distributed as your business requires.

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TPVisionTM uses powerful SAP Crystal Reports giving users the information they need to operate their business. Information can be formatted in any standard report format, delivered to any entity and delivered at any time they need it

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