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The M-Panel is a configurable touch screen display terminal that provides field mounted system access points for data entry and validation. Primarily designed for use in wholesale liquid terminals and bulk plants, the M-Panel is designed to optionally mount in a Class 1 Division 2 classified area.

The M-Panel is enclosed in a NEMA 4X rugged poly-enclosure with options available to customize the panel for different applications and configurations.


  • Fully Integrated with the AC2 Terminal Management System

  • Ethernet Interface

  • High Resolution Color Touch Screen Panel with Programmable Buttons, Lists, and Check Box Options

  • Provides Application Specific Field Access Points

  • Field Device Protocols for Data Collection and Management of 3rd Party Instrumentation

  • Class 1 Division 2 Designed

  • BOL (Bill-of-Lading) Station

  • Weigh Station

  • Vehicle Fueling

  • LACT Control Unit


Application Examples:

  • Loading and Unloading

    The M-Panel provides the systsem access points with the AC2 terminal automation system. The onscreen prompts gather the required information for validation before authorization is granted through the electronic preset. The AC2 system and the M-Panel work in tandem to verify and validate, providing the terminal operator with the control and security required.

  • Preload/Staging Station

    The M-Panel is used as an access point at a busy rack and the driver can pre-authorize their load in order to streamline rack loading time. The preload staion allows for product availability to be verified and then reserve the allocation for their load.

  • Entry/Exit Gate Application

    The M-Panel is used to control access to a facility. Personnel are identified and if calidated are granted access. The M-Panel can be ordered with an interposing relay that will open/close the gate via a hardwire contact. The AC2 system will log the access event.

  • Weigh Scale Integration

    The M-Panel is used as a system access point at a weigh scale where the necessary information on weigh-in and weigh-out is validated.

  • LACT Controller

    The MPanel is used as a system access point on a LACT skid and interfaces with Coriolis meter, BSW Monitor and PLC as well as prompt for required information for receipt authorization and receipt ticket printing.

  • BOL (Bill-of-Lading) Signature Station

    The M-Panel is used as a system access point at the BOL (Bill-of-Lading) signature station. AC2's Signature Station provides signature capture functionality to a driver/loader after a transaction and before any documents print. After the signature has been captured and stored in the system database, the signature station will initiate printing the BOL document. The BOL printer is managed by the driver at the M-Panel without intervention by the terminal operator. Additional functions can be added such as MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) confirmation and acknowledegment. Each event is logged and audit-trailed in the AC2 System database.